Why Drinking From Copper Cups Is Good For Your Health

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If you hold water in a copper vessel, preferably over night or for at least 4 hours, the water takes on certain qualities from the copper, which are great for the liver, but also for your overall energy and health. – Sadhguru, Indian yogi, mystic, and philanthropist

It might look like a strange practice to drink from a copper cup, but there are a variety of surprising health benefits. Copper gives water a positive charge. It offers antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. The study that disclosed this information also found that contaminated water held in copper cups for sixteen hours drastically reduced the number of dangerous microbes found in the water.

This important revelation could create clean drinking water for millions of people, particularly in developing nations.

In another study, researchers discovered that copper surfaces in hospitals killed 97 % of the dangerous bacteria which can result in infections. Mainly due to the copper surfaces alone, the infection rate in the hospital decreased by 40 %.

So, why should we start drinking from copper cups? Allow me to share several of the most important health benefits:

1. Drinking From A Copper Cup Improves The Function Of The Digestive System

In order for it to work best, you need to drink water from a copper cup first in the morning when you awaken. This works wonderfully to clean the digestive system as you drink the water on an empty stomach. Drinking water from copper cups, stimulates the so-called peristalsis, or the contraction and relaxation of the stomach to digest the food and move to the subsequent process of digestion. During detoxification, harmful bacteria are killed and inflammations are reduced, which can eliminate painful stomach ulcers and infections. If you’ve regular digestive problems, drinking from copper cups could be the cure you were searching for.

2. Copper Strengthens The Immune System

Due to all of the antioxidants and purifying properties in copper, regular drinking from copper cups can improve your immunity. Copper helps in various enzymatic procedures in which it promotes endothelial growth or even tissue healing. Additional studies have shown that copper prevents the growth of dangerous bacteria, which further strengthens the immune system.

3. Drinking From A Copper Cup Helps Losing Weight

Copper supports the breakdown of body fat and can help to heal the thyroid gland, which plays a crucial role in weight reduction. Copper likewise helps in the synthesis of an incredibly important coenzyme in the body called adenosine triphosphate or ATP. It helps us to have enough power through the day and not to feel lethargic midway. Therefore, drinking from a copper cup can boost energy levels, which may result in weight loss.

4. Copper Can Prevent Cancer

Drinking copper water can even do what many people consider impossible. Killing cancer cells without chemotherapy. Along with the antioxidants in copper, which fights free radicals, oxygen reaches the cells and literally kills cancer. While further studies must be carried out to test this on a broader scale, drinking from a cup of copper could provide hope for the future and increase the number of alternative therapies for cancer prevention.

5. Copper Water Can Stimulate The Brain

Copper is also an auxiliary in the synthesis of phospholipids, which helps to form myelin sheaths from neurons in the human brain. These myelin sheaths allow the flow of impulses from one neuron to another in the human brain. The faster these impulses move, the better our brain can work. Drinking from a copper cup can also prevent spasm attacks and allow the brain to work with clarity and ease.

Other significant health benefits of copper are:

  • heals wounds much faster
  • slows down the aging process
  • maintains the cardiovascular health
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces or perhaps eliminates arthritis and inflamed joints
  • helps melanin production and encourages healthy skin

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