What I Eat in a Day: Healthy Clean Eating, Detox Recipes with Meal Prep

here are all the recipes at to my detox plan.

I meal prep these on sunday right before my week begins.

I included a shopping list down below in the description so just look down there, I put some notes in there too that you want to read.

If you haven't checked out the overall plan of how this detox works click somewhere around here, I'm going to put a link so that you can check out that video first, get the overall view of the plant and then you can just head right back here to this video.

So you ready to get started let's jump in! So I'm going to start with making veggies because this takes the longest.

To the left you will see all the right recipe amounts.

I put the same density vegetables on the same baking sheet.

So i put acorn squash with beets, potatoes with gold potatoes, cauliflower with Brussels sprouts.

And I just lined sheets and baking dishes with parchment paper and I'm going to put this in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees.

While that's baking I'm going to make my quinoa and herbs mix that's also going to pair with these vegetables.

So it's just quinoa and water in a pot, bring it to a boil, then turn it on low and cover for about 15 minutes.

While that's happening I'm going to prep all the herbs and my lettuce and I'm going to blend all these ingredients together, except for the kale, in the blender and then I'm gonna chop my kale and add that to the mixture and then store this in an airtight container in the fridge.

Next I'm gonna make the seasoning and that's also going to pair with these veggies and quinoa.

So it's a black pepper, salt, chili powder, cumin and paprika.

And I'm just blending this together and storing it in a little jar.

And it's probably been 30 minutes so I'm taking out my veggies from the oven and covering them with a cup of water, but i did not do this the potatoes, and then I'm just putting them back in the oven.

Then for the detox spice mix I'm using black pepper, salt, cinnamon, and turmeric and i'm blending that altogether and again storing this in a small jar.

Now for the snack pack, I'm grabbing five of these bpa free food containers and i'm going to cut a cucumber, cherry tomatoes, apples, clementines, kiwi, dates, grapefruit, lemon and almond butter.

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And I'm gonna put these all in there individually.

Make sure i have the same amount for each one.

The lemon is just to prevent the apples from turning brown.

And that's it so there's a little snack pack for every day of the week.

Now the vegetables are probably done so I'm just checking with the fork and setting them aside to cool.

Now for the breakfast smoothies i'm gonna start with the apple pear and banana.

This is for Monday and Thursday so it's two recipes.

I'm putting equal amounts of each ingredient into jars then the winter tropics or tuesday and friday this is also for to smoothies and the last breakfast smoothie is the beaten orange for wednesday and then I'm squeezing lemon on top of the one with the apples and pear and then i'm writing out labels so for the apple pear and banana of using spinach almond milk in cinnamon and that's for monday and thursday then for the beaten orange amusing romaine lettuce coconut water and lemon juice for wednesday and then the winter tropics i'm using spinach coconut water and lime juice as an option and that's for tuesday and friday now for the lunch through these the last big meal prep the pineapple be and ginger for monday and thursday the loaded oats and the beat and care for wednesday and i'm adding 1 quarter cup of rolled oats to each of these as well as one tablespoon of hemp seeds and then I'm adding a tablespoon of almond butter adjust for the loaded and i'm speaking a little bit of lemon on the pair recipe so for a pineapple beats and ginger I'm adding romaine lettuce and coconut water for monday and thursday for beating care i'm adding romaine lettuce and coconut water and for the loaded okay i'm going to add spinach I milk and cinnamon on the day that I blend so all the presidents are for the day of and you just blend all the ingredients then so for monday and tuesday i'm going to put all these ingredients in the fridge and then for Wednesday through Friday these are all going in the freezer then I'm going to wrap all my veggies pop these in the fridge and save them for when i make dinner so the daily prep i'm going to start with lemon cayenne water grabbing a 32-ounce star adding half of a lemon and adding mostly room temperature water that's filtered and topping it off with hot water to get the perfect temperature and adding just a couple dashes of cayenne pepper now i'm going to make all my dinner bowls so I'm going to preheat the oven to 350 and the acorn squash and Brussels sprouts recipe is just a prince bar Brussels sprouts garbanzo beans the spice mix and i'm just going to pop this in the oven this recipe is going to be for monday and thursday when that's done i'm just going to top it off with two cups of the quinoa mix that I made then for tuesday and friday is the cauliflower and sweet potatoes with black beans same process just popping in the oven for 20 minutes and then topping it with 2 cups of the quinoa and nerves and for wednesday the Gold potatoes with kidney beans and again 350 degrees twenty minutes top with quinoa nervous when that's done and that's dinner now the detox tea and it's just water with my spice mix grated ginger or you can do slices of ginger bring that all to the stove bring it to a rolling boil and then you can turn it down lower and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes then poured over a strainer add maple syrup and almond milk and voila watch out for more videos on your recipe that will be two weeks you can keep detoxing getting late and getting healthy without getting bored and i'll be posting tips on how you can just adjust this for your trainees maybe this is too much for you maybe it's not enough food for you so i'm gonna show you that you can alter it and make it perfect to get your lifestyle so just hit subscribe if you're interested in more videos somewhere on my face over here is where you like and now you can be updated on whenever I post a video so thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful happy healthy new year.

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