The surprising advantages of bay leaves.

Every good cook knows the secret of a good soup or a delicious stew: bay leaves! The aromatic, olive leaf gives the dishes the certain something. Not only that: bay leaves are also effective against heart and respiratory diseases as well as bacterial infections. They also slow down your aging process.

But these were by no means all health benefits. You’ll be surprised at the positive effects that bay leaves have on your body.

1. Get rid of dandruff

Crush a few bay leaves, mix them with jojoba oil and massage this combination on your scalp. Now wrap a towel around your hair and allow the essences to work for 15 to 60 minutes. It is also possible to add a few drops of essential laurel leaf oil to your normal shampoo so that dandruff has no chance.

2. Treat joint inflammation

A 2003 study has shown that laurel leaves have the same anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties as conventional drugs for the treatment of joint inflammation (e.g., morphine). Rub in the event of a fall a few drops of essential bay leaf oil on the aching spots. Also, you should regularly use bay leaves as a seasoning for your dishes.

3. Fight diabetes

Yes, this is true: bay leaves help in the fight against type 2 diabetes. This was found in a study published by the Pakistani University of Agriculture. The consumption of 3 grams of laurel leaves daily lowers the blood sugar level.

4. Get rid of anxiety and fatigue

The nutrients contained in laurel leaves have a relaxing and soothing effect on the psyche. Burn a few well-dried leaves in a fire-proof container. Just a few minutes later, it not only smells good but also the desired calming effect is established.

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5. Improve heart health

heart health photo

Coffee acid, also present in laurel leaves, is an organic compound that strengthens the capillaries in the heart. Besides, the cholesterol level is lowered. A particularly tasty way of taking advantage of these advantages is e.g. The combination of salmon and bay leaves: this is not only a delicious dish but is also particularly good for the heart.

6. Heal bladder inflammation

Antibiotics against a painful cystitis are not always necessary. Sometimes home remedies also help. For example, A drink of a few heavily minced laurel leaves along with milk.

7. Remove the airways

Laurel leaves stimulate the airways and contribute to the mucus-dissolving in the lungs. It is best to prepare a steamer with dried or shredded bay leaves. You can also massage your chest with laurel oil if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

It is therefore worth giving a chance to laurel leaves if you suffer from the mentioned complaints. If these do not disappear, you should go to a doctor.

Toni Wolf

Love to write and research about health related topics, like to play some competitive games and do some diverse exercises to keep me fit. My goal is to achieve a better income source in the internet while gaining a lot of knowledge. My intentions are usually not evil ;-). This content though on this site is something which is not 100% to trust, since it is not researched that deeply all the time. It is generally based on the knowledge of other sources. Still I want you to enjoy my site and the love I put in my site <3 Keep Healthy and take care of your body and soul <3

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