Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks With These Foods

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Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common issues in modern life. One of the main causes of this is arteriosclerosis – a blockage of the vessels which interferes with blood flow and thus greatly increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Stress, lack of exercise and above all unhealthy nutrition contribute daily to increase the number of cardiovascular diseases. However, with a few small changes in the diet, the risk can be significantly reduced. Here are a few foodstuffs, which should by no means be missing on your menu:


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Salmon is often praised as being healthy for the heart. The reason for this is due to many healthy fatty acids, which are contained in the salmon. They help reduce and alleviate cholesterol, triglycerides and small inflammations. Similarly good fish varieties are tuna, herring and mackerel – as with all fish varieties, one should, however, rely on organic products.

Orange juice

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100% pure orange juice is full of antioxidants that help the blood vessels. At the same time, the delicious juice lowers the blood pressure. Two glasses a day are enough to cover the daily requirement of vitamin C and to enjoy the positive qualities.


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Yes! Finally, a reason for the pick-up in the morning. Studies have shown that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of a heart attack by up to 20 percent. The best effect unfolds with two to four cups per day. However, you should note that coffee can also have harmful effects on the stomach and too much caffeine is also not healthy.


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Nuts have long been known to contain many healthy fats. These include omega-3 fatty acids and simply saturated fats. These fats are not only good for cholesterol, but also for joints and memory. Good varieties are walnuts or almonds. Already half a handful of the day is enough.

Kaki (Sharon fruit)

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In Germany not very popular for a long time, the kaki fruit finds more and more followers. Right, because it is full of fiber and sterols that help to lower cholesterol. Really tasty are kakis as jam or in the salad.

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One of the main benefits of turmeric comes from the active agent curcumin, which has a lot of positive properties. The spice helps to reduce fat storage and inflammation in the tissue. In many dishes, turmeric is a delicious addition. Alternatively, you can also brew a tea from the spice.

Green tea

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Green tea has long been known for its stimulating and calming effects. One of the reasons is the cetachine contained therein. This antioxidant reduces the intake of cholesterol and supports fat metabolism. For the maximum effect, you should drink one to two cups a day.


The fruit, which is popular in summer, expands the blood vessels by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. Every now and then a piece of watermelon is a miracle.

Whole grain

Whole grain is another food that helps against cholesterol. The fibers contained therein bind the cholesterol and prevent it from settling too easily in the arteries. Thus, a diet with sufficient whole grain products not only reduces the intake of cholesterol but also further reduces already existing cholesterol. Good sources are oatmeal, brown rice and wholemeal bread.


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Cheese often has a bad reputation when it comes to cholesterol. It can – if not consumed in excess – help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.


The list of the good ingredients of algae is impressive: algae are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and carotenoids. Regular consumption helps to regulate the blood pressure and dilate the vessels, which in turn is important for a proper blood circulation. People who eat algae can reduce their cholesterol by up to 15 percent.


Cranberries are a delicious source of potassium. If you drink regularly unsweetened cranberry juice, the good cholesterol is increased as the dangerous decreases. The regular consumption of 2 glasses a day reduces the risk of heart attacks by a whopping 40 percent.


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Cinnamon is not only delicious as tea or on pastries, but also a true miracle weapon against cholesterol. Cinnamon prevents deposits in the vessels. A few teaspoons a day are sufficient to achieve a distinctly noticeable effect.

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Pomegranates are full of secondary crops, which also stimulate the production of nitric oxide. This naturally stimulates blood circulation. Very popular is pomegranate juice. But you can try the fruit for a change in the salad.


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Not only good for muscle packs like Popeye: Spinach helps to decalcify the arteries and lower the blood pressure. Although the high iron content is now exposed as a myth, spinach is still full of potassium and folic acid. Both reduce the risk of heart attacks and supports the muscle tissue.

Olive oil

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Italians and Greeks know it for a long time: Good olive oil is also good for you. Cold pressed olive oil can supply the body with healthy fats and reduces cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart attacks by up to 41 percent.


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The green power vegetable prevents the calcium content in the arteries due to the high proportion of vitamin K. And the influence on blood pressure and cholesterol are also positive. Whether as a snack or in a real meal, a portion of broccoli a day ensures that you are really benefiting from the ingredients.


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The fact that avocados are healthy is now well-known. The fats contained in it promote a healthy balance between good and bad cholesterol. This is important for healthy arteries. The versatile fruit tastes to salad, on the bread and simply spooned with salt and pepper.


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Green asparagus is a real Hercules in the fight against cholesterol. The ingredients contained in the asparagus remove clogging in the veins and inhibit inflammation. Also, asparagus always tastes delicious as the main course, in the salad, as a soup or as a supplement to noodle dishes or potatoes.

This is actually actually a rich selection of food. There is something for everyone. It is always good when tasty and healthy come together.

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