Mucuna for the Men’s Sexual Health

Mucuna is another amazing herbal supplement for men. It is most touted for its high concentration of L-DOPA, which is a precursor to dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter playing a role in movement, cognition and pleasure. Mucuna has been used for people suffering from Parkinson’s due to this L-DOPA.

Fascinatingly, dopamine also has an effect on supporting testosterone production as well. Essentially the increase in dopamine, has a counteractive effect on a hormone called Prolactin. This is the hormone that is released when a man ejaculates, and the dreaded post orgasm sleepiness follows soon after. When dopamine is high, prolactin is low, and this stimulates the release of a cascade of hormones which stimulate the leydig cells of the testes. Testosterone is produced in these cells, which makes this fruit a great food for men, as testosterone production is critical for the longevity of men.

Mucuna is also reputed to be an overall nutritive and to have an overall detoxifying and tonifying quality on the body. Oxidation in the body, as a result of aging as well as dietary and environmental toxicity, can have deleterious effects on delicate tissues in the body including the testes and the prostate. uMcuna also contributes to testosterone production by reducing oxidation in the body, giving the testes an opportunity to do their job.

I bought a bag of Mucuna, from Organic Traditions, and I started using about a tablespoon a day in smoothies. Whether it be simply spring time or that it is physically increasing my hormone production, I don’t know, but my sex drive has significantly increased. Given the research around this herb, I believe there is something to it, and I will continue to use it. I like using this herb because it does not directly boost testosterone, but stimulates a hormonal cascade in the body to produce the testosterone the way the body naturally does. I am unsure if taking herbs and supplements which directly boost the testosterone production, will have deleterious effects on our bodies in later years, and so I take the time to research how each food affects my body.

Toni Wolf

Love to write and research about health related topics, like to play some competitive games and do some diverse exercises to keep me fit. My goal is to achieve a better income source in the internet while gaining a lot of knowledge. My intentions are usually not evil ;-). This content though on this site is something which is not 100% to trust, since it is not researched that deeply all the time. It is generally based on the knowledge of other sources. Still I want you to enjoy my site and the love I put in my site <3 Keep Healthy and take care of your body and soul <3

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