Health Beat: Heart Healthy Exercises

I'm Amy Buckman and this is Health Beat.

As the New Year begins, lots of people saythey're going to get into better shape and they vow to stop smoking or exercise more.

But if you really want to be heart healthyin the new year, you have to exercise and get your heart pumping.

That's why we've come here to Strength Academyin Northern Liberties and trainer John Edwin is gonna share some tips with us on how youcan do exercises without the fancy equipment, without joining an expensive gym.

To get your heart rate up and get heart healthy.

Now one of the things we hear a lot aboutis interval training.

Now what is that? Yeah, so interval training, Amy, is goinghigh intensity exercise to low intensity exercise.

For example, if you're a beginner you canmaybe walk for two minutes, and jog for a minute, walk for two minutes, jog for a minute.

If you are used to jogging and running, maybeyou're out running and then you're going into a higher intensity level.

(Amy Off-screen) You're really pushing it.

You're really pushing it, yeah.

And another way I understand is lifting weights,which I don't really think about for your heart I think about for bulking up, but yousay that can be good for your heart as well.

Yeah, lifting weights is great because itincreases circulation throughout your body, obviously working on the circulatory systemof your heart.

And, a, it's excellent.

(Amy off-screen) So show us some easy exercisesanybody can do.


So, just a couple light dumbbells, you canstart with squats.

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You can also make it a little more challengingwhere you're adding a shoulder press or a thruster.

Ok, now another thing I've heard that canbe heart healthy is yoga, and I think of that as being very zen and peaceful, but you sayyou can get your heart pumping with that as well right? Yes, yes, there's a lot of different yogaclasses out there that are definitely geared to a more high intensity type of workout.

A beginner workout exercise that you coulddo with yoga would be a sun salutation, that also.

Ok, we're going let you move over there soyou have some more room.

And show us what this sun salutation is.

First, you're going to inhale up.

Exhale stretch down.

Inhale halfway up.

Exhale to the floor, step back.

Inhale upward dog.

Exhale downward dog.


And exhale.

And I guess if you repeat that a few timesyour heart really will get pumping.

Oh yeah! Well thanks so much for sharing these tipswith us John.

You're welcome.

For Health Beat, I'm Amy Buckman.

Source: Youtube

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