Blueberry Juice Can Drastically Improve Brain Functions

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Blueberries are considered as very special berries. They contain health-promoting flavonoids, which can have a very positive effect on many areas of the body. In a study published in early 2017, it was found that blueberry juice for elder people could significantly improve cognitive functions and blood flow in the brain. Those who had been drinking blueberry juice in this study had a significantly more active brain than the control group, which was not allowed to drink blueberry juice.

Blueberry juice for the brain

Blueberries have long been known as genuine medicinal berries. They have recently demonstrated in studies how well they can support the cardiovascular system, for example, by lowering cholesterol levels and specifically helping to prevent atherosclerosis as they prevent deposits on the blood vessel walls. Blueberries are also a Superfood for the brain and can work against Alzheimer.
First and foremost, it is the antioxidants, which can be found in the blueberries and protect the body against many harmful influences.

Get A Healthier brain with a plant-based diet

The antioxidant substances in blueberries include the flavonoids, which also have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Dr. Joanna Bowtell, Head of the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter, says:

Our cognitive functions tend to decrease with age. However, it has already been shown in previous studies that these cognitive functions are much better preserved in those people who practice a plant-based diet.

30 ml of blueberry juice per day improves the brain functions in 12 weeks

In our current study, we have now discovered that one can improve his brain functions by drinking 30 ml of a concentrated blueberry juice daily for 12 weeks.

This amount of juice Is equivalent to approximately 230 g of fresh blueberries containing 387 mg of anthocyanins, a blue-colored antioxidant from the flavonoids group.

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Before and after the 12-week study phase, the participants were given a series of cognitive tests, while an MRI scanner measured the overall brain function and blood flow in the brain. The results show that the brain was much better-circulated for the participants who drank the juice. It was more active and also the memory capacity showed higher performances than before the juice intake. In the placebo group, which did not drink blueberry juice, no corresponding improvements could be found.

It does not necessarily have to be blueberries!

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However, from the outset those participants were excluded from the study, which already ate much fruit and vegetables. It is clear from previous studies that high consumption of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of dementia. Therefore, only participants were allowed to take less than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.
The study shows once again how extraordinarily important it is to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. It does not have to be blueberries either. Just eat fruits and vegetables of the season – as much as possible. In this way, you are taking enough flavonoids and other antioxidative active ingredients to remain mentally fit and agile, even in old age.

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