5 EASY ways to DETOX

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Hey health nuts, welcomeback to my channel.

I hope you guys all hadan awesome holiday break, and you’re having a good new years.

And I know I already saw youguys in last week’s video, but I wanted to kind ofdo a more chatty video so we can connect more.

I feel like sometimes the recipe videos, although they’re so muchfun to film, and I love that you guys love the recipesand love recreating them, I find we lose that moreintimate, one-on-one conversation, even though this isn’t like one-on-one.

It’s like one and a few thousand.

But, it’s still really coolto connect with you guys just sitting down chatting to the camera, and I have a few announcementsthat I want to get to before we get into the video.

And the first one is thatsome of you have already guessed this, but I am officiallyfull time with my channel.

Wow! This happened late last year,so the month of December was really crazy with Christmas stuff and finishing some of the renos.

If you watch our blog channel,then you probably know the process that went on, and if you don’t watch our blog channel, be sure to head over there and subscribe.

It’s Nik + Matt or Nik and Matt, and I will have the link down below and somewhere on this screen, so you guys can checkit out and subscribe.

It’s a very new channeland we’re just under 500.

So it’s very new.

Come over, say hi.

But, yeah, I’m full time with Health Nut, which is frickin’ crazy, andthis room that I’m in right now is actually my new home office.

We’ve been trying to update this room.

It’s the den in our condoand it was kind of just like, the desk was already here andstuff, but it was basically a storage room for allof our lights and stuff.

So it’s been really niceto rework this space, and now I’m using it for my home office, which, if you want tosee a home office tour or an apartment tour,let me know down below in the comment section.

I would love to get that out for you guys, and I even have thiscool wallpaper that I did in the background that’s super easy.

So I would love to share with you guys how this all came together.

And the second announcement is my monthly themes, which is really cool.

So most of you alreadyknow, if you watched my video last week, is thatI’m doing detox January for the whole month ofJanuary, which is really fun.

I’m just trying to get everyone on board with doing a reset.

I don’t like to say going on a diet or anything or counting calories.

My channel’s not about that.

I just wanted to geteveryone on a fresh start, filling their body withlots of fresh, healthy foods like juices, soups, salads.

So I got lots of fun stuffin store later this month, so keep an eye out.

So if you guys want to helpme choose all the themes for each month, be sureto follow me on Snapchat.

I feel like I ask youguys a lot of questions on there, and there’s alot of back and forth, and it’s where I’mprobably most responsive, Snapchat and Instagram.

I really think if youhave a question you want to personally ask me, Snapchatis the place to do it.

So I’ll put my handle here.

You can come and follow meand ask me your questions, and I just love theSnapchat team or family.

It’s really cool, andI love being on there.

And then the third announcement is that my Everyday Superfoods e-book is actually on sale for 50% off forthe whole month of January.

Just use the coupon code detox.

I will have a link down below for where you can buy my e-book.

It’s filled with some awesome tips on some of my favorite superfoods,and then you get five exclusive YouTube videosthat I created specifically for the e-book that haven’tbeen shown anywhere else, and they are all very detoxifying,healthy, fresh recipes.

They’re easy and like I said, using some of my favorite easy, everyday superfoods.

So you don’t have to getanything crazy for these recipes.

They’re all simpleingredients that you can find at your regular grocery store.

So I will have all thatinformation down below.

So, yeah, let’s just hopright in to today’s video.

I’m going to be showing youguys five easy ways to detox.

And let me just preface this by saying, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.

These are just my personalopinion and things that I do to help clean my body and detox when I feel like I’veprobably eaten a little bit too indulgent and I can feelit in my body and my skin and stuff, so I kinda justwant to do a little reset.

So these are fivesuper-easy tips that I do and that I thought I wouldshare it with you guys.

Okay, so my first detox tipis to, of course, drink water.

Duh, I know everyone says this, but one one’s actually doing it, or a lot of people aren’t doing it.

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So I would suggest everymorning drinking lots of water.

Have different options here.

If I’m on the go, Ireally like to have some water bottle that’s gonnakeep my water fresh, or cold, or if I’m doing a herbal tea, it’s gonna keep it hot.

These Swell bottles are really cool.

I’ll link them down below.

If I’m just at home, Ireally just like doing a glass with a straw.

I find sipping out of a straw is a little bit easier, more convenient, and you don’t feel asbloated because you’re not drinking a bunch of air.


Ah, refreshing.

And then a couple thingsI like to add to my water first thing in the morningto really help cleanse my system are lemons, whichyou guys know I do this all the time if youfollow me on social media.

I love lemons.

I either do, dependingon the size, I either do like a half or a quarter.

I just squeeze it into some water.

You could add some warmwater to it if you’d like.

I just do room temperature water.

I drink that down firstthing in the morning.

I usually have it with my iron, ’cause it goes well with vitamin C, and then I just rinsewith some regular water, ’cause the lemon can be abit acidic for your teeth.

Or I will also add apple cider vinegar, and this is also really goodfor digestion and stuff.

So I usually do the lemonwater, but if I’m out, I’ll do the apple cider vinegar.

And the reason why drinkingwater is so important is like your body ismade, basically, of water, and I find if you’re notflushing it with water, a lot of toxins and stuff can get stuck.

I find for me personally,my skin is better when I drink more water.

I feel like my energy levels are better.

I don’t get headaches.

I feel like every timesomeone has a headache, I’m like, did you drink water, and they’re like, oh, no Ididn’t drink water today.

And it’s because I always tell people, the number one reason ofheadaches is dehydration, and they probably want to kill me.

But it’s true.

Water makes a difference.

If I don’t drink a lot of water in a day, most likely I will have a headache.

So my second detox tip isto eat more green food.

Now I basically always stockmy fridge with lots of greens.

I get these containers from Costco.

They have super cheap organic greens that are like 3.

99 a boxand there’s just no excuse for not buying organic greens nowadays.

You can get them at affordable prices, so I always pick up at leasttwo containers of these.

And then another thingthat I really like to have is spirulina powder,specifically from Hawaii.

It’s like better quality.

It doesn’t have that fishy smell or taste.

This one is by the company Gandalf.

I’ll link it down below, but any Hawaiian spirulinapowder is awesome.

It’s actually full ofprotein and super detoxifying for heavy metals and stuff,so I usually add this to my smoothies, andthat’s where, usually, I get my greens in theday, is through smoothies.

And then at night I’ll usually,like if it’s wintertime right now, I will usuallysaute my greens and stuff.

But I feel like it’s hard to eat raw greens in the wintertime.

Sometimes I’ll have a raw kale salad, but usually I put them in mysmoothie and then I feel good.

I got them in.

Add greens anywhere you can in your day.

Okay, so my third detox tip is to get lots of fiber into your day.

Fiber really helps to actuallypush out toxins in the body and cleanse and make you more regular.

And, yes, we’re talking about poop.

So if you’re not poopin’, then things are getting clogged up,and you need to eat fiber.

The amount of fiber I thinkreally depends on the person.

I know my girlfriend needsto have a lot of fiber in her diet or she’s just not regular.

I won’t say which one.

But for me, I find justeven if I add a tablespoon of flaxseed, I have someflaxseed here, or chia seeds to my smoothie in the morning,I’m usually pretty good because I eat a lot ofgreens and oats and stuff during the day, which have fiber as well.

But I usually ground my flaxand store them in the fridge, and then I have some chia seeds as well.

Chia seeds are awesome.

They’re so good for fiberbecause they expand, I think 10 times their size,when they touch liquid.

So think about that.

Like if you’re havingchia seeds in your body, they’re literally like Drano.

Yeah, chia seeds are likeDrano for your insides.

So, really good.

You wanna be regular becauseif you’re not poopin’, that stuff is staying inyou, which is kinda gross.

So, yeah, fiber.

Fiber it up.

Okay, so my fourth detoxtip is to sweat and stretch.

And the reason why I have bothof them is because I think it’s really important to sweat out toxins, whether it’s running, aHIIT workout, I don’t know, like biking or cycling oreven you could do a sport.

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You could do like playtennis, or go swimming, or something like that.

That’s also sweating.

But you can also detoxify by stretching.

Yoga is amazing.

A lot of those twists andturns and stretches that you do in yoga really helprelease toxins in the body.

And usually I find if Ido a lot of ab workouts or stretches or twists, Iend up being more bloated in my midsection, and I’ve been told, correct me if I’m wrong,I’ve been told that’s because you’ve released a lot oftoxins or gases in your body, so they’re like rising to the top and that’s why you’re usually bloated after you do an ab workout.

Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.

So if you’re a doctor or nutritionist, let me know down below.

But exercising is so good for you guys.

If you’re not moving andpumping the blood in your body, it’s harder for your bodyto remove all the toxins.

So, yeah.

Sweating, stretching.

Right now I’m doing 30days of yoga with SaraBeth.

She’s a YouTuber hereonline, and she’s amazing.

I love her style, and Iwill link her down below.

So every morning I’ve been doing, it’s about 15 minutes of yoga.

It’s super easy.

I’ve just been getting up earlier, and I love all the twists and stretches.

I really feel it just setsmy day on a right note, and it’s great ’causeI drink my lemon water, I have a good stretch,and I just feel great for the rest of the day.

All right, so my last andfinal detox tip, number five, is to eliminate certainfoods from your diet.

Things that are inflammatoryfoods, common sensitivity foods like wheat, dairy, even heavy foods like red meat and things like that.

I would highly suggest, itdoesn’t mean like forever, but removing them or limiting them.

A lot of times people don’t even know that they have sensitivitiesto these foods, or they’re just used to feeling like crap.

If you’re used to feeling really bloated or your skin’s breaking outand you don’t really know why, try doing, there’s thingscalled the elimination diet, where you remove one of thesecommon sensitivity foods every week, and you write a food journal, and then you can usuallydiscover what it is that’s bothering your system.

Things like eczema, likemy sister has eczema, and her diet is huge.

When she doesn’t eatgluten, it’s night and day.

And it’s funny, ’causelike she always goes to dermatologists, and they’re like, no, it has nothing to dowith what you’re eating.

Which, I feel like sometimes in that case, you have to be your owndoctor, and just think, well, if I eat the gluten and myskin is reacting really bad, and when I take it out, it’s fine, well it’s probably the glutenor something in the gluten.

I don’t know.

Something’s reacting.

Your body doesn’t like it.

So for me, I find dairy,even though I love cheese, it’s so good, I findit makes me break out, and I was eating a lotof it over the holidays, and my forehead feels congested right now, and it’s like night andday when I stop eating it for a few days, I feel like myskin’s brighter and clearer, and I don’t get the little bumps that are irritated on my skin.

So that’s one of my goals this year, is to really try to cut out the dairy.

It’s hard.

I’m just gonna try tofind better replacements.

You know sometimes I doeat goat cheese and stuff, but I wanna limit itbecause it makes me feel better when I don’t eat it.

So those are just tips, ifyou’re looking just to detox for one month and kindof reset your system, you can eliminate thosefoods and then always slowly introduce them back in, or maybe just eat them once in a while.

All right, so that’s gonnabe it for today’s video.

I hope you guys enjoyedthese super-easy detox tips, and I hope you guys areenjoying detox January.

And if you guys have anyof your own detox tips, make sure to send themeither in a photo or tweet using the hashtag#detoxjanuary so I can easily find them and like them.

Thank you so much, guys, forhanging out with me today.

I know this was a more chattier video.

Let me know if you guys like these videos.

I’ve been wanting todo wellness Wednesdays, I think the first and thirdWednesday of each month, where I’ll just be talkingabout things besides recipes.

So it can be a lifestylevideo, like a routine, or a grocery haul, or things like that.

So just a little bit differentfrom my everyday recipes.

Let me know if that’s somethingyou would like to see.

Be sure to subscribe andhit that notification bell button thing so you willget notification every time I post a new video.

Thank you so much guys,and I will see you guys in my next video, whichis another awesome recipe, so, see you there.


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