How To Make Beet Juice – 5 Beet Root Juice Recipes For Hypertension

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Recent studies show that beet root juice can indeed counter the effects of hypertension – regular intake can lower your blood pressure to a more healthy range. We will not only take a look at these studies, we will also focus on how to make beet juice giving you the easiest and simplest beet root juice recipes to try!

And, there’s a catch – none of our recipes actually need a juicer. We will explain the how and the why in a little while.

To have a more comprehensive understanding on the overall health benefits of beetroots you can have a look at this article:

Interested?  Beetroots and their effects on health

First, Let’s Focus On What You Need To Know Before You Get Down To Having Beet Root Juice.

  • You shouldn’t drink beet juice by itself – pure beet juice could paralyze your vocal chords!
  • You can also up the nutrition quotient of the juice by adding other healthy vegetables into the mix.
  • Start with a little amount of beet – say 1/4th-1/2, and work your way to one whole beet. Beets are powerful detoxifying agents – so having one whole beet at the very start could be too much to handle for your system.
  • Beets have an inherent earthy taste – so make sure you know the ingredients you’re going to mix – you don’t want a clash of taste and flavors!
  • Prone to kidney stones? You might want to talk to the doctor for advice before you go for beet juice since beets can aggravate the symptoms.

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First study that proves beet root’s effect on lowering hypertension:

In this study, beet juice was added to a normal and healthy person’s diet – without any other lifestyle change or any medication. 15 men and women drank a beet and apple juice (3:1), and were monitored for 24 hours following the intake. The procedure was repeated 2 weeks later. The effect: lowering of systolic blood pressure 6 hours after the intake.

You can look up the details yourself!

Armed with these little tips, we’re sure you can make the most of the beet juice recipes we have to offer. But before you get to them, we need to clear a point we made at the very beginning. None of our recipes will actually need you to turn to a juicer.

But, you must be asking – “How to juice Beet without a Juicer?”


Well, the trick is to blend all the ingredients together in a blender and then simply strain the concoction through a fine mesh strainer. Blending helps to retain back all the nutrients and fiber – whereas a juicer would simply separate the insoluble fiber as pulp. And while a juicer is simpler to work with, you do unintentionally get rid of quite a few nutrients in the process. On the other hand with a good juicer, usually costing 200 $ and more, you will still get the most out of it with the benefit, that the body can very easily digest it and get the most nutrients out of the juice. Slow Juicers have also the advantage, that the most vitamins will not be destroyed, cause of the slow juicing process.

With a blender though, you retain the max amount of nutritions, and the bare minimum is actually left in the strainer as refuse. Also, the insoluble fiber in the juice keeps you feeling full for longer – which works out very well in case you are trying to lose weight. And if you don’t want to have too much insoluble fiber in the juice, you can simply reduce the number of times you strain it.

Make beet juice in a blender – Moving on to the WHY?

Blenders are much more versatile – they can perform a range of functions, and they are cheaper on the pocket too. Not every household has the ability to dedicate a chunk of savings to a juicer, which happens to be quite expensive as well. So you can think about it as pocket-friendly way of having one of the most nutritious means to control your blood pressure.

No time to Juice Yourself? – Let others do the job!

Juicing may not be for everyone and needs some time and efforts. The Juicing process itself is pretty easy, but especially the cleaning job may not be for everyone. Some producers therefore provide really good high quality organic juices, which you can use instead. They might be a bit more expensive, but for the stressed person out there, who wants to benefit highly from natural food, this might be the perfect solution. I experienced it myself, drinking those you really feel the boost.

You can try at work: Instead of eating a high-carb meal, which will make you tired and less concentrated, drink an easy to digest power juice like beetroot. You will feel most likely more productive, relaxed and creative. In order to find out, if that also works for you without spending that much time with manual juicing, try to buy one of these organic juices (Lakewood Organic PURE Beet Juice) and see the achievements. Many people like this pure beetroot drink and report a substantial decrease of their high blood pressure.
After so much theory we can finally Move On To The Part You’ve Been Waiting For – The Recipes!

We have brought you 5 recipes — all of these can be made with the simple use of a blender, and a strainer. So it’s understood that no matter the individual ingredients, these are the main TOOLS you will require.

Tip # 1: You can create your own variations as long as you mix the right ingredients!

RECIPE 1: Ginger Beet Root

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This is a very simple recipe, and if you’re on a weight loss diet, then this is perfect for you!

TIP # 2: Very good as a pre-workout juice: take it 30 minutes prior to the workout!


  • Orange – 1
  • Kale leaves – 1
  • Apple –1
  • Carrot –1
  • Beet root –1
  • Ginger grated – 1


  • Peel the orange and do away with the seeds.
  • Chop the kale leaves, apple, carrot (peeled), and
    beet root (peeled) into smaller pieces.
  • Add the ginger.
  • Blend, and strain till you get the right consistency.

RECIPE 2: Grape with Beet Root Juice

grape photo

This is also a good recipe to complement your workout, except that this is to be taken post workout.

TIP # 3: Excellent post workout juice: refreshes and re-energizes. Have it 30 minutes after the workout.


  • Organic beet root – 1 pound
  • Black grapes – deseeded – 2 cupfuls
  • Carrot — 1


  • Cut the beet into smaller chunks, same for the carrot.
  • Add the grapes – you can slit them into halves to take
    out the seeds.
  • Add to the blender, and strain as needed.

RECIPE 3: Beet Root And Celery Juice

In this juice the focus is on celery sticks and beet root, as you will see from the ingredients.

Tip # 4: Celery lowers high blood pressure. Combine beet with celery for max benefits!

Interested?  Celery Juice Recipe For High Blood Pressure: Let Nature Help


  • Beet root medium sized – 3
  • Celery sticks – 5
  • Green apples – 2


  • Core the apples and cut into small chunks.
  • Peel the beet and cut into similar smaller chunks.
  • Chop the celery sticks and blend all together.

The second study

In this study headed by Amrita Ahluwalia, professor of vascular pharmacology at The Barts and The London Medical School, 8 men and 7 women with systolic pressure within the range 140-159 mm Hg were given beet juice. With only 250 ml of beet root juice, the effects were outstanding – and the experiment was showing better results with time.

Check the details for yourself!

RECIPE 4: Beet Root With Lemon And A Dash Of Spinach!

This one is again a recipe focusing on beet and celery, but with additional elements combined in.

Tip # 5: Try this for an immediate vitamin boost! Anytime, anywhere! And vitamins help to dilate the blood vessels – thus lowering blood pressure.


  •  Apple — 1
  •  Lemon – 1
  •  Celery stalks – 2
  •  Beet with the leaves – 1
  •  Spinach – handful


  • Core the apple, and slice into small chunks.
  • Cut the beet, chop the leaves.
  • Chop the spinach.
  • Peel the lemon and blend all of these together.

RECIPE 5: Beet Juice With Fruit Punch!

Tip # 6: This is more of a fruity tangy juice, thanks to the pineapple. You can have this refreshing drink in summers!


  • Small Beet – 1
  • Medium sized cucumber – ½
  • Pineapple chunks – 1 cup


  • Chop the beet
  • Peel and chop the cucumber
  • Add the pineapple chunks along with the rest of the ingredients and blend

What works the ‘miracle’!

It’s the high concentrate of nitrates that you get in beet root, and other leafy green vegetables like lettuce, celery etc. that work the miracle. Nitrates are converted into nitric oxide in the body as part of a longwinded biological process. The nitric oxide then helps relax and dilate the blood vessels – lowering blood pressure and promoting blood circulation.

Beet root juice is thus an easy, natural and inexpensive way to keep your blood pressure levels in check – and we sure hope the beet root juice recipes here agree with your taste buds. Additionally, given that beet root can basically be combined with any other fruit or vegetable, give your imagination free play – and come up with unique variations yourself!

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