Charter schools get creative to provide healthy meals for keiki


BACK IN NOVEMBER WE FOUND OUT THE D-O-E DISHES OUT FIVE DOLLARS AND BUT DIGGING DEEPER, WE LEARNED NOT ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE UNDER THE IS The first thing you need to know about charter schools – they don't work the same way as regular legislature and is based per student.

This school year, charter schools are getting about money – salaries for teachers, rent for facilities, student programs, even lunch.

At Waialae Public Charter School lunch is a priority that comes at a big cost.

KAPONO: so one of the things our school has tried to do is to commit to subsidizing about 40000 dollars a year towards student lunch to make KAPONO: the way we pay for that extra is out of our operating budget so it comes out of other programs 43 that we may not be able to have but we really feel like nutrition a huge part of student to provide meals to its students.

so in the morning partnering with sodexho we provide a fresh fruit bar and at lunch both fresh fruit and a salad bar 13 and one of the things that really cool is our kids are able to serve themselves 15 and choose what they want We found out these healthy lunches aren't just an extra cost for the school, parents pay more free or reduced meal pay $3.

50 for lunch, that's a dollar more than what students at regular DOE schools pay.

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We reached out to every charter school in the state and found out not all of them serve lunch.

Some don't have facilities, like kitchens to prepare and serve meals.

Others, just don't have the money.

made up of Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science , kona pacific charter school, and Volcano School of Arts and Sciences.

PHONER: we're procuring together so we can reduce the expense each individual charter school has to spend on their food program 17 and get more for less we have 3 farmers currently that are supplying us with food regularly they grow their food just for our schools and our dozen Hawaii schools that are taking part in a federal program that provides meals free of charge to students, regardless of their family income.

However, that doesn't mean the school doesn't $60-thousand dollars from its budget to pay for its meals program.

One cost cutting measure – students take we have our cooking class and they learn how to cook breakfast items, lunch items and dinner items These are all actual lunches made by and served up to students.

its just been a favorite all the way around 52 in fact i had a couple of students say hey miss amalie im making what we learned in cooking class for my family THE STATE LEGISLATURE JUST BEGAN THEIR 2017 SESSION TODAY – ONE OF THE THINGS THEY'LL BE DECIDING IN THE COMING WEEKS IS HOW MUCH MONEY CHARTER SCHOOLS WILL BE GETTING FOR THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.


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